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Be Simply practicaL

  • Dollar Tree is a good place for party supplies and other neat things for crafting.
  • Marie Kondo’s method of  folding laundry and storing them really works.  You can see her on Netflix.
  • Antibacterial hand wipes can be used for wiping your toilet down when in a rush.  
  • Use  Clorox Pro Results Outdoor bleach for the inside of your toilet bowl.  Dedicate a squirt bottle that you can get at the Dollar tree just for that cleaning purpose.
  • I drop 1/4 tablet of swimming pool tablet into your toilet tank, the same way you would drop a toilet bowl drop in.  Be sure to break the tablet into 4ths and use only 1/4  for continuous cleaning.  The smell is pretty strong, but it keeps your bowl clean.  If the smell bothers you then ignore this practical tip.

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