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Days a gettin” longa.  We are now seeing the sunrise at  5:42a.m. So I knocked on my son’s door and asked if he would like to go joggin’ and it goes like this.  4 jog pace of mine to 2 of his.  I tried slowing down, but it only made me tired. 

Early morning jump rope.  Stretching and quick brisk walk into the morning sunrise.  Only passerby’s to see. 

Did someone say exercise???  I thought they meant extra rice!

 Home church has been the norm for now on Sundays. And my grandson’s observation is this: “one thing about having church at home is that when you fall asleep noone is going to see you.” 

At dinner, my grandson, during a conversation about kids and how they grow without a second thought said: “…between 11 to 13 men start growing.”  With a slight pause and realized his comment, I bursted out laughing.  His dad then said: “….your choice of words son.”  Then we all started laughing.  

Where did summer go, it jumped right into fall and soon winter. 

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