Nana's Family


To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. –Barbara Bush

The kitchen is where we gather the most in our home.

A place to gather with your family: your children, grandchildren and sometimes friends. It is the place where the course of your day begins. The scent of coffee brewing, breakfast cooking and the clanging of dishes and the pots and pans hitting the stove. 

The magic begins at the table.  When our bellies are full and our mouths full of food that we share of the day, the week (in the case of my grandchildren), and the future plans we make.  It is at the table that all the secrets of our world is revealed.  It is at the table when all our guard is down and all our grieves are laid before everyone to hear.  AND it is at the table where we lift our hearts in prayer to our Almighty God.  

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