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Prone to wander

There’s a christian hymn that goes like this: …Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it;
 Prone to leave the God I love:

When my second son was about 10 years old, he liked riding bicycles and scooters. One summer he and some friends had found a mount of dirt about 2 blocks from our duplex, where we lived at the time. They enjoyed riding their bikes up the mount. Perhaps the thrill of adventure and their gutsiness drove them to do such craziness. My kids were allowed to ride their bikes up and down the street we lived on, but not to wonder too far off without an adult or other kids.

Anyway, one day my son asked if he could go to that mount himself. I said, “no, you need to stay close to home.” AND that was that. Well, as I busied myself cleaning and cooking, an awkward feeling of silence fell over me. I went to check where my son was. I called out to him and no answer could be heard. WELL, panic set in and as I walked up the street and called to him, here he comes, pushing his bike, crying, dirty and injured. So as mother instinct kicked in I scolded him, “where have you been!” He said he went to the mount, rode his bike up and when he came down he crashed. So I helped him home and after he was settled I proceeded to interrogate him.

He had thought and thought of the thrill and adventure of that mount of dirt. If I could just do it one more time. The warning that was given him did not stop him. He was drawn away, he wandered off from the safety net of home. Did he know he was in for a disaster, NO! Did he learn from it, YES!

So it is in our lives, when we forsake warnings, advise, admonition it causes us to wonder from the safety of our home and family. Sometimes we learn, sometimes we don’t. But did you know that in the process of straying and wandering off, it affects not only you, but everyone around you. Can we bring ourselves back? Yes! But the process of restoration and healing will take time. And when done properly, it will be forgiven and forgotten.

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