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One thing is needful…

Luke 10:42  But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

The context of this verse, is Jesus had come to Martha and Mary’s home. If you recall these two sisters had a brother Lazarus who had died and was brought back to life by the Lord Jesus. Anyway, Jesus had come into their home, and Martha was so cumbered about much with housework and trying to entertain her guests. Mary on the other hand, sat at the feet of Jesus listening with all her heart.

How many of us are always cumbered about with much of this and that and have put the Lord on the back burner for a later time either in the day or week. I am guilty of that. My dishes were not all washed the night before, sometimes the DAY before and I get up the next morning and what’s staring me in the face is this task of trying to find my counter for space, or I can’t find my favorite cup for coffee or no utensils (because I hate washing utensils). Then I get all flustered because I now have to sort my dishes by size and shape and start washing them. WHEN I can be doing things worthwhile, like gardening, or playing the piano, or crafting. OH SEE! I was already cumbered thinking that I had to read my bible and spend time with the Lord. All these other things I wanted to do, and yet, there was a more needful thing that I should really be doing, like reading my bible.
With a cup of coffee in hand, (yes I have to have a cup, my coffee and bible go together. Can’t have one without the other), Getting back to my boohoo, I take my bible and devotionals with me into my little nook area out back and sit quietly in my chair, you’d think it was easy to just start reading my bible, Well, NOT exactly because my mind and heart is still not settled into a prayerful mood. It’s still racing with what happened the day before, what I bought at the thrift store, worst yet I keep thinking I have to rearrange my nook area. And many other irrelevant situtations that I cannot fix. None of these distraction has anything to do with the Lord or I can solve on my own. And it takes quite awhile before my heart is quiet, my mind is empty of questions to ask the Lord, or my spirit is not bothered about unforgiving situations. These things are cumbersome. You don’t even need to be busy with housework, it could be just your heart and mind that wrestles with you at the most precious time that you should be with the Lord. But the most gratifying moment, is when these distractions are finally covered by the Lord’s mercy and grace, and He gives peace to my heart; it is only then that I can focus on what God wants me to hear from him and it is that moment that I have chosen that is good.

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