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Mountain top and Valley Below

Psalm 121 vs 1-3

  1. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
  2. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.
  3. He will not suffer they foot to be moved; he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

Hebrews 11:6:

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

We have all been on the mountaintop and in the valley at some point in our lives. The mountaintop lets us see a vast landscape of our lives. We see victory, conquering, blessings, accomplishments, joy, happiness, love, warmth, security and we feel like nothing can ever take this away from us and we thing nothing can touch us up here. Then all of a sudden we find ourselves in the valley of decisions. Sometimes it happens suddenly, sometimes there is a descend to the valley floor. Whatever path takes us there, we seem to have forgotten where we had just come from. The mountaintop experience is no longer within our view. We have lost sight of it, because the valley experience has taken hold of our lives. And we also loose sight of our Lord God – where our help comes from.

In the valley we see and feel defeat. The valley comes with disappointments, loss of loved ones, loss of job security, financial burden. It overwhelms us with all the human feelings of hatred, anger, strife, mistrust, lack of love. The valley seems to linger longer than the mountaintop experience because it is where we meet face to face with mankind. We live and interact with people we love, and put up with people we hate, But how do we overcome such a blow in our lives. Well God’s word always is truth to those who are his and who believe. Hebrews 11:6 tells of how we can please him and how he rewards his children for their faith. We must also believe not wavering and seek him diligently.

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